Monday, June 22, 2009

Not sure if this ad is playing in the States or not:

Mr. Dafoe earned the title 'wanker' years ago already for making the film "Triumph of the Spirit", one of the most God-awful pieces of crap films I have ever been subjected to. Yeah, yeah...I know it was critically acclaimed and all that...and it still sucked. But, anyhow, this confirms Mr. Dafoe's official wanker (my new favorite word) status.

Don't get me wrong. I am opposed to nuclear weapons and the use of nuclear power for military purposes. As a political statement, I am in agreement completely. What bothers me is that this is to sell beer, even more confusing and irksome considering that NZ has for many years been struggling with rampant alcholism. So now beer is the symbol of freedom and all that's good, and America is Goliath to NZ's David. (Literally, the FLV video file for the ad is titled "David and Goliath"). For fun, here's a link to the media release.

It must be nice to hide behind the shield of moral superiority (and beer!), secure in the knowledge that if NZ were invaded unfairly and unable to fend for itself, there would never be any question about Australia (which also gets criticized by NZ for military spending) and the United States of America coming to their aid.

I know it's a tough game to follow New Zealand, but do try to keep your eyes on the ball. Beer is responsible for a lot more of NZ's problems than America is at the moment. And before anyone posts whinging about Cultural Imperialism and how McDonald's are showing up everywhere in NZ, take a good look at who's waiting in line to buy the Happy Meals.

And, to my readers in the U.S., please do let me know if that advertisement is playing there? I'll be very surprised if Steinlager's moral convictions were strong enough to risk endangering their export sales, but will eat my words here if so.

Sorry for the rant. This kinda crap just bugs me.

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